Do western people feel homesick when they are studying/working in other countries?

I`m currently living in Melbourne and sometimes my friends and I feel homesick especially during tradition Chinese festivals if we cannot go back home but it seems that most western people really enjoy their trips in other countries no matter they go there for work or study. But when I was at University (an Australian Uni), I heard that our Universtiy has a particular department setting up just to give Australian students who are in China some mental assistance whenever needed. 


So I`m just curious whether western people feel homesick or lonely when they are overseas. If yes, when do you feel that way the most? Thank you.

Nov 16, 2015 8:18 AM
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Psychologists call this "culture shock", and it has four phases:

1. "Honeymoon phase": This is where everything is fun and new and you have a great time. It's the whole reason people go on vacation! They usually don't leave their country long enough to experience the next phase...

2. "Depression phase": This is where you start to really miss home. What was once new to you now just seems strange, and you crave the food, culture, language and most imporantly friends and family of your homeland.

3. "Rejection phase": This is where everything annoys you. "Why are people in this country so rude?" "Why does the government do this or that?" "Why can't you get decent [food from your homeland] here?" etc. etc.

4. "Acceptance phase": This is when you get used to everything at last. You feel as comfortable, if not more comfortable, in your new home as you did in your country


I've been in China for a long time and went through all the phases. Like, you it would be worst around big holidays, especially Christmas. To be honest I think it's even harder for westerners in China than for Chinese in the west, because there are many Chinese in Australia but very few westerners in most of China.

But now, I've really learnt to love my new home (learning the language was a huge help to avoid loneliness!). The funny this is that when I go back to my country I start to feel a little strange and miss China! I've talked to many Chinese who feel the same way after living overseas for a long time.

November 16, 2015

Thank everyone for your replies! I totally agree with Alain and yes I have been through all four phases you mentioned above. When I just got Australia 3 years ago, I really just wanted to go back home but now I feel that I like Australia more. It is already my second home! Sometimes I even feel that I`m a total stranger to my hometown when I go back there because many things happened when I was absent. 

November 16, 2015

I think it really depends in which kind of country you are and where you are from. I think it is only natural that Chinese people would be more likely to get homesick in for example Australia than an european, because the european cultures are more similiar to the Australian than the Chinese so they don't have to adapt themselves so much.
Also it depends heavenly on the person, there are some people who just get easier homesick then others. 

November 16, 2015

Hey Crystal. I am chinese and wanted to go out for the work. But I have no chance.

But I work in shanghai my home town is Yantai. I miss my mom but I also not familiar with Yantai after work in Shanghai four years.

So I think we are homesick because our folks.


By the way,do you know how to go out for work? 

November 19, 2015

Maybe, I think everyone has this feeling.

November 16, 2015