what is the different between work and job
Nov 16, 2015 9:38 PM
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It's a grammatical difference.


As Aegis says, the word 'job' is countable. This means that:

* It has a plural form - jobs

* You use 'many' and 'few'

* You need to put 'a' or 'one' before it in the singular


The word 'work' is uncountable. This means that:

*  It has no plural form

*  You use 'much' and 'little'

*  You can't put 'a' or 'one' before it.


He's looking for a job.

He's looking for work.


Are there many jobs here?

Is there much work here?


November 16, 2015

Sometimes nothing. Like in the sentences:

"Good job!"

"Good work!"

But you can't always swap them out because <em>job</em> is countable, and <em>work</em> isn't.

November 16, 2015

thank you both of you .i guess you're right 

November 17, 2015

NB Your question should be 'What is the difference between work and job?'

November 16, 2015