The "H" sounds in Arabic - HELP!!!!!

hsy everyone !!! 


Many name is melissa, I am a English speaking Canadian ????????


im trying to learn Arabic - found a teacher - found some people to practice with .......but no matter how hard I try...I have problem with the new "H"sounds ....I made it sound rough and don't know how to blend it!!


any resources - websites or you tube channels with explain this well or tips in learning this or English speakers ???? 

Nov 17, 2015 3:36 AM
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Radhi: I believe Melissa meant the letter ح :) When Arabic learners start to pronounce the Arabic alphabet, the letter ح is among the hardest letters; the sound of it comes from the throat and they don't have anything in English that sounds like it, so it comes out as the sound of H. Actually ح and ع can be challenging, and other letters might be too but it depends on the learner's native language.


Melissa: my only recommendation after you were taught from where the sound of ح comes from, is to keep training and saying it out loud, eventually it'll comes out in the right way :)

November 17, 2015

Here is a video showing the difference between the letter هـ and ح


Like what was mentioned in the video, هـ is like the normal English H sound like in "Hello".

As for ح, there is more strength required. Try at first pronouncing هـ, keep doing it by pushing the air inside you out, and at the same time try to make your gorge close down slowly, you'll get into a level where you pronounce a "dry" H sound, that's actually the letter ح.


Here is a trick to help you with the pronunciation : I'm guessing it's getting cold these days, especially in Canada :) So, imagine your hangs are frozen, so you want to warm them up. You put them close to your mouth, and you start blowing "hot air" coming from the gorge, the sound you're making isn't هـ it's actually ح, so try to pronounce it a little bit harder, and you'll get your ح sound.


Best of luck !

November 17, 2015
it's like blowing air with your mouth with open mouth yeah blowing air with open mouth
February 16, 2016

Mumtaz to the rescue once again, her answers are always so kind and perfect too !!!

January 9, 2016

I think she is referring to the kh sound, like sabah el kheir, which is not so easy for native English speakers, not is 'ah-ain' sound.


In French no matter how hard I try I can not say the word ' rue ', that nasally type of sound is not part of our language.


Egyptians have a hell of a time with 'th', which is why I am sympathic towards them and rather than torture them trying to say Elizabeth, which they always pronounce as ' Elizabess ',  I just let them all call me Leeza or Aziza and everybody is happy !!!



January 9, 2016
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