Let`s talk about languages :)

I would like to ask you people,how many languages you already know and what are you planning to study?

What do you think about beying a polyglot?Would you like to me one?

Im studying Japanese now.Its been a long time since I started to study it..But it was always  so hard so I used to quit it quickly..

But now,since I live in Japan I study Japanese really hard. 

I study English and German in the uni but Im a distance student so I study everything by myself.

I would like to study Chinese in the future and I think I would like to be a polyglot..But its pretty hard thing to do..

It takes time to learn even one language and I havent found my perfect system of studying yet..

Im still looking.

And what is your opinion about it? 

Share please :)

Nov 17, 2015 3:58 AM