How to say those words in your language ? :))

how to say the the follwing by your language ? :)

(what's your name) - (My name is Mando)

(haw are you) - (i'm fine)


we say it by arabic :

(Ma esmak) - (ana esmy mando)

(kef halak) - (ana gayed)


let's go :))

Nov 19, 2015 8:05 AM
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На русском языке мы говорим так: 


- Как тебя зовут? (What's your name?)

- Меня зовут Мандо. (My name is Mando.)


- Как ты? (How are you?)

- Нормально. (I'm fine.)



January 13, 2016

Hi! Its funny i agree:) 

We called like this in Turkey:


-Senin adin ne? (what is your name?)

-Benim adim Mando. (my name is Mando)


-Nasilsin? (How are you?)

-Iyiyim. (I am fine)

January 13, 2016

(what's your name) - (My name is Mando)
(haw are you) - (i'm fine)


In Spanish is:


<em>¿Cuál es tu nombre?</em> or <em>¿Còmo te llamas?</em> - <em>Mi nombre es Mando</em> or <em>Me llamo Mando</em>

<em>¿Cómo estás?</em> - <em>Estoy bien</em>

January 13, 2016

cool :)


what's your name - formal: نامِ شما چیست؟ informal: اسمِ شما چیه؟

My name is Mando: اسمِ من تبسم است
haw are you : حالِت چِطوره؟

i'm fine : خوبَم

January 13, 2016

Thanks mando. I'm very glad to get those cool letters.

Obviously Japanese is different from Chinese. Japanese Kanji originated from old Chinese characters. However I can't still speak Mandarin except 您好. I need to speak English with the Chinese people if they don't understand Japanese. 

November 19, 2015
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