Can someone correct it?

We propose to build a register with popular and traditional games, that are suited for children with special needs.
The pupils will:
• Meet and respect each other.
• Increase their participation in games.
Work process:
1) They could ask to their students to request information each about one traditional and national game and to bring back this written information.
2) Adaptation of the game for all children can play, including the disabled. The teacher will be a support to students.
3) Sending the written.
4) Illustration of each index card for the register.
5) Incorporation of the games into the classroom job.
Game: “The Irish circuit”: All team members must cross a route that is delimited by a benches, in the shortest possible time.
Variation: Each child will cross the route blinfolded and will have to listen to the instructions that their teammates tell the child.

Nov 19, 2015 1:38 PM
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I don't like the word register in the first sentence. Can you find a synonym?


Increase their participation in games - not the correct phrase in English, though you are using all the correct words )). Better say that it stimulates kids to take part in games more.


Work process - the word could  - in this sentence is not belonging here. Change it.

2) adaptation of the game - it is not clear, does the teacher have to make this adaptation? why this adaptation of the game is necessary, doesn't the game fit all kids of all ages?
I can sense you want to say a different thing here. Also, if it is an advertisement, it is not good to advertize something that needs adaptation....better say it suits all age groups from.. to ...say 10 years old. 


sending the written? doesn't make sense.

otherwise, sounds like a great game ))

good luck with it!

November 19, 2015