Two Languages at Once -- Help!

To explain the situation, one of my majors at university is the French language (et je l'aime !) with the other being Computer Science. In order to satisfy my French major requirements, I need to take at least four classes in another language. I chose Spanish because it's offered at my school.


Now this is my dilemna: I'm worried that I'll start to mix the two languages up and that my performance in French will suffer. I have a pretty solid grasp of French -- I can understand almost anything I can read, I can answer questions when my teacher asks, and I can understand most of what I hear -- but having to learn both languages at once is worrying me.


Does anyone have advice on how I can effectively practice these two without having my performance in French suffer? Thank you very much! 

Nov 19, 2015 4:13 PM
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I am learning three languages together for a year now. I think it is doable. I am ready to answer any concrete questions that you might have.

November 19, 2015