Water your soul

I would like to tell you my story.
Chad is an American who is teaching English for free on the internet. He got married with a Japanese woman and now they have 2 daughters. I found this guy when I was surfing on youtube. I wanted to know how to pronounce "Th" sounds properly.


I've learned English for 30 years. but I am still not sure how to pronounce "Thank you" properly.
My heart is broken when I knew my pronunciation is so bad that there foreigners I've met thought I said not "thank you" but "damn you".
I am so disappointed in myself. I even hated myself.


I used to feel so stupid and always told myself "You are so untalented! You can't even say 'thank you' properly. Who cares? Wou are a farmer, you don't need to learn English. Give it up, Dude. You’re wasting your time."
I actually gave up, But then I found Italki and it make me think again, and this time I told myself "you can do it!"


One of my teachers on Italki recommended using youtube to learn many different sounds.
So, I went to youtube and tried to find some lessons. I chose a video, and then an advertisement came up on youtube player. It's mostly a waste of time to watch to advertisements. They are sometimes entertaining but hinder your own objectives, so I usually skip the ads.

But this one was different. I could feel it. I could smell it.


I paused my own objective video, and tried to connect to that advertisement site.
He introduced himself and talked about his past experience. He was learning Japanese. He had been learning Japanese for a long time. And one day, it happened.


He was crying and crying in front of someone he doesn't even know because he couldn't answer when he was asked a question in Japanese. He knew that it was a simple answer.
I guess It was a very simple answer such as “thank you”
I empathize with him. I knew exactly how he felt at that moment and I was almost crying with him. I've never even met him before.


Do you guys have any similar experiences before? I would like to know.
Frankly, My experience is it's a video clip not even some human. I was crying in front of a computer monitor. LOL

Anyway, after this crying out, for me, Having some experience is more like you are growing language rather than learning language.
You should water soil to plant the seed, then it will grow up.
You should water your soul to plant the language seed, then it will grow up, too.


Your comment, my pleasure.

Nov 21, 2015 8:08 AM