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2. Company has the right to supervise the stored files, email and internet access for the purpose of system performance maintenance, auditing, data security or investigation of the facts of the violation or disruption to the regulation of company
3. Requests for access to the computer account of employees who did not enter the office must be directed to the IT Manager in writing with the knowledge of the manager concerned. Access granted will change the passwords of users and provide access to the Manager is entitled or colleagues to access the account directly.
4. All employees are prohibited from providing any information to third parties unless it has permission to
5. Users are only allowed to access the electronic information and data they need to perform their work
6. If any confidential information is lost, whether because of its notebook is lost, backup media, or other breach of security, the IT division should be notified immediately
7. All computers should be shut down at the end of the day unless the server
Responsible: All Employees
1. User email should be careful with external attachments other than those received from a reliable source because this attachment could contain a computer virus
2. Software is installed on your email company will be used only for deploying and forbidden for private purposes
3. User email should understand the risks that may arise as a result of sending confidential information or sensitive information
4. Users must make sure that the attached document by email is not protected by copyright
5. The contents of the email must be reasonable and professional
6. Email that are libelous are not allowed
7. Users must know their responsibilities in data protection and should not use email to send data to a third party
8. All email sent out must include a standard company disclaimer. Users are not allowed to send their own disclaimer via email
Responsible: All Employees
1. All employees should be held accountable for the use of the Internet professionally, ethically and legally.
2. Employees should be careful when making payments with the Internet, because the security of credit card can not be guaranteed. company has no liability for problems that arise from the use of personal financial (such as credit card numbers) over the Internet
3. All access to the internet via a computer network of company going through a channel that has been approved and safe to use firewall
4. Users are encouraged not to use the same password for internet website with an internal system of company
5. Company has the right to review, audit, capture, access or close all access to the internet. This includes email and receive email and files downloaded from the internet
Responsible: All Employees

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