sharp sighted,open minded,heavy blooded,can you add more adjectives like this?
Nov 22, 2015 3:16 AM
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I like "single-minded" - being clear what you want, and aiming to achieve it.

November 22, 2015

There's no such thing as 'heavy-blooded'. This doesn't exist. There's warm-blooded, hot-blooded and cold-blooded, though.


There are hundreds of possibilities. Some are literal and describe appearance - blue-eyed, brown-eyed, brown-haired, dark-haired, dark-eyed,light-skinned, big-bellied, long-legged... the list is almost endless. You can make a compound adjective with nearly any body part and adjective.


Others are figurative, for example, light-hearted, heavy-handed, broad-minded.

November 22, 2015