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I am looking for interesting books to read in Italian. From my previous experience, I really enjoyed Alberto Moravia's short stories and Luigi Pirandello's stories.


Do you have a favorite story from either one? Do you have any interesting suggestions frolm other writers?


Thank you,

Aida N.




Nov 22, 2015 7:54 AM
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Hi Aida, my Italian favourite writer is Italo Calvino. In my opinion is one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. If you buy a book of Calvino, and you do not like, I am ready to refund :)

My favourite book is Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore.

November 22, 2015

Hi Aida, I agree with Alessandro: Calvino is one of best Italian modern writers. I suggest his "Marcovaldo" a.k.a. "Le stagioni in città": it's a collection of short funny stories addresses to children and teenagers but it can be read by adults too because it can be understood trough different levels of comprehension. Furthermore Calvino's writing style is quite clear and in my opinion his books are perfect for an Italian learner.

I als suggest Primo Levi's books, in particular "Il sistema periodico"

June 19, 2016

Hi Aida,

You have read two big italian  writers!

i love "Ciaula scopre la luna" of Luigi Pirandello. Is a story about a miner who discover a moon!


I suggest Italo Calvino to you.

Is a writer very creative who work hard whit the structure of the stroy.








November 22, 2015
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September 29, 2016

Thank you very much for the suggestons! I have just bought Italo Calvino's collection of stories. Excited to start reading!



July 5, 2016