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learnt the arabic alphabet long time ago still cant read arabic and now starting to forget a lot

the longer i study the more i try to remember the more i forget, i noticed a pattern here. it seems its getting more complicated the more you you learn so its like taking me right back to the beginning all over again.

im still confused as to how do you learn arabic. its ok saying read and write, but how do you read a sentence when you dont know the what your reading. how do yous pronounce the words without the vowel marks. i find it very complicated its making me not been able to even say a word.

if you learn a lot of words then how do you read somebodys story on youtube if you dont know the words in the story? like teachers allways say read small stories. listen to small conversations i have been doing this but once again to the what if you dont know the words. we seem to allways going back to the words sentences that we do not know. i wish i knew how i learned my own mother tongue language but i dont think i do know. i once remembered hundreds of words and sentences now its all lost again the more newer words i try to learn the old words keep fading out. so its like i have not memorised anything. maybe thats another question how do you even try to memorise. i keep repeating but its not working to be honest. i speak to several different arab people from different countrys they all speak sentences using different words. so its like you have to learn 10 words to every 1 word. which im finding impossible to remember the brain just wont do it. so if you said to an arab person how do i say i want to learn arabic everyone will say it completly different using different words so how. does this mean we have to memorise every word sentence in every different way? because i just can not see a way around this it would take a lifetime to learn everysingle word to every sentence to every arabic sentence. to be understood. i know theres different dialects and classical arabic etc. i think this is what is making it difficult to learn. is there to many different dialects. most languges only have 1 dialect like english there is no other dialect. and i dont mean pronounciation. i also hear the prounounciation in arabic different a great deal so great thats its actually a completley different saying.

who ever said they could master this arabic in 3 months well i honestly can not see how you could i really dont. i spoke to an arabic man last week from the yemen in a chat and he didnt even know the word naam. so what does this say about the language. im lost. thanks for reading.

Nov 22, 2015 10:48 AM