About our will to perfection we end up loosing all... Why a lot of learners give up and never start talking...

Hallo, one other reason why I am so convinced that my method to teach you is the most effective:


I think the most important is to be (more or less) perfectly understood and to understand others. If you concentrate e.g. to much on grammar you might have difficulties to start talking (while talking you dont have time to think too long about grammar cases etc.), thats why on my channel I mostly talk (with the subs people than can learn the vocabulary and will automatically and much faster get used to the grammar, too". And one thing. Even accademics don't use a perfect grammar in their native tongue... I had a lot of professors and they made regular mistakes. In books there are mistakes... We want to be perfect (what even the best native speaker is definitly not!) and loose our motivation before we even begun talking, that's really sad I think.


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and now I started collecting playlists for other languages, I also present you all my teachers so even if you don't want to learn German right now it's a good idea to check my channel ;-)

Nov 25, 2015 11:38 AM
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