How to keep a good kisser in your life.

How to keep a good kisser in your life.


This story is my first date with an American woman.



Before enjoy reading this story, please keep these glamorous phrases in your mind.



About Last Night Official Theatrical Trailer (2014) - Kevin Hart Movie HD
His eyes, his body, his mouth……..


Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (LYRICS) Album Version
Wil your mouth remember the taste of my love……


I was really disaster after she left me.



I was planning to have a fancy date as she expected for our first date.



Everything went well except one thing.



After we finished watching a movie, we didn’t leave our seat in a movie theater.



All theater left their seats and we figured out just two of us stayed here.



This situation was like a senses of kissing we just watched and we felt just like we were in the mood for kissing.


She: I wish I was to be in their life. I want to have one.

彼らのような人生がいいな。 私もあれがほしい。

Me: We can try it.

We kissed each other.


I thought she was a good kisser.


Me: Your mouth is great


She: It sounds cheesy.

You ruin our first date.

I had no idea why she got mad at me.


Everybody say “mouth” to convey a fantastic meaning.


Are there any phrases to be a good substitute for what I said?


Nov 25, 2015 3:17 PM
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Hahaha - nice story しん. Did this really happen? I can't imagine someone getting mad over "Your mouth is great". It sounds strange, but she knows your not a native speaker. You could have said "you're a good kisser", but I probably wouldn't have said anything at all, and maybe just kissed her again.

November 25, 2015


you could say "I like everything about you"... not just a body part of her. :D

November 25, 2015


Nice story but you could have done better. ^^

November 26, 2015

Aaaah. Probably shouldn't compliment on her 'body part' but rather her actions. "You are a good kisser" sounds softer and better than 'You have a nice mouth'. This statement in a western context can be misunderstood as a sexual comment. Or basically, what the Japanese call, Sekuhara. 

Next time, don't talk while kissing a pretty woman. Unless you can fork out poetry to match that :P

November 26, 2015


we have just been trying to make a fantastic time :)


who ho cares as long as we can get a beatiful woman :)


I don't doubt you hade been destroyed much worse than me.


you are older than me therefore you have about twice as many time stupotidu mistakes as me lol


what should I treat her for our second date?

November 26, 2015
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