What's the difference between like and love?

i  guess these two words have different interpretations in different cultures 

so what  do u think is the difference between like and love (in romantic context)?

Nov 26, 2015 4:03 PM
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Yes, exactly. I think that it depends. I´m from Spain and in my culture, tell someone " I like you " (me gustas) it´s like a feeling stronger than friendship and normally if you say this you want to start a relationship. This is a problem, because in other cultures "like" is for friends. But I never say to a friend "I like you"  because for me is a greater feeling. "Like" it´s like to feel attracter to someone. This is a problem for me, because when I tell someone I like you, and that person is a foreigner he can interprete that It´s only friendship, but for me is something more.

And finally, for me love is the greatest  feeling that a person can experience. In my opinion love isn´t a problem for differents cultures. Love is love xD 

Sorry for my english.

November 26, 2015

Forget to mention, like is more reserved for things and people you're fine with but aren't generally close with. For example, at least with everyone I know, you wouldn't say I like you to your cloes friends, you'd tell them you love them like sisters or something. With a crush, you could use I like you, but it's a bit 'out-dated'. I'm not sure what the "kids these days" say since I haven't dated in about 15 years haha but saying I like you comes off more as a school yard crush rather than something that could potentionally grow into a solid relationship - of course, that's just my experience ^^

January 15, 2016

In America, in my experience, it is largely about the context of the conversation and the person you're talk with. For exmaple, I love my friends and tell them that frequently, but they know I'm not saying I'm in love with them  (ie romantic love) when I do. Of course, when I say I love you to my boyfriend, he knows I mean that I'm in love with him... it's just an understanding that you gain from engaging with people in this culture I suppose. And, everyone is different about it. My father reserves the words love and hate for very specific things - his family and liver and onions repsecitively haha


I know Americans have a 'reputation' for using the word love "too much", but really it's just a matter of understanding what we mean rather than only going off the words we use alone. For friends and such, that's easy because they know the person, but I can understand how that could be difficult for others - especially those in another culture where things are done differently. Honestly, if there is any confusion, all someone has to do is ask. I know that can be a bit awkward for some dealing with potentionally romantic feelings and all, but it's better to be sure!

January 15, 2016

There is a statement in China about this question. If u like a flower ,u would pick it; if u love a flower,you would tend it.

January 15, 2016

In relationships, 'like' is for platonic and non committal relationships. 'Love' is used for serious passion and/or commitment.

January 15, 2016
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