Basic speaking 1 on 1

I'll keep this short and sweet. :)


I am trying to find a native speaker or a fluent speaker of German to talk to on skype 2+ times a week. It is safe to say I am an advanced beginner or on a pre-intermediate level. I have a foundation, but I need to work on my speaking and vocabulary. Cool and casual talk, no intention to take much of your time.


In return, I can offer (beside my native Serbian) very good English and you can also work with me on Spanish (intermediate level). 


The goal is to have regular conversations and quickly make through to the pre-fluent level. Like Kobe Bryant's work ethic. If you're with me, don't hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. :)

Nov 27, 2015 4:32 PM
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To get used to listen you could just try my channel (I dont have too much time and I started to have too many asking me regularly about German so I decided to upload my ideas and tipps for everybody): (everything with German subs, and I started put english ones too, of course this takes time)

I also prepared some playlists for you to learn with German kids series and one with a German political comedy, so I try to offer whatever you need :-). And if you want to learn an other language I present you all my online teachers so that you dont need to search as long as I did.
The fastest you learn if you take your time the first time you watch one video and to translate it with my subtitles, than you repeat listening and listening during doing whatever you like. Cause the most important for you is to stay relaxed. Dont worry about grammar or anything just keep on going. THEN and just then your brain will just swim in the language and absorbe it very fast and without any stress!
With this method everybody can learn a language to a level where you can start watching TV and having conversations in just a few monthes (even just weeks are possible).
Wish you luck and dont forget to write me about your experience: What I should do better and which topic you wish for next. I want to ease learning German for everyone may God allow me :-)
See you!

December 1, 2015