How motivated are you to learn a new language ?

In the process of learning a new language You must have lots of motivation.I've heard many people saying that they urge very badly to learn a new language , But are they really motivated to learn a new language or do they only want to learn a new language ? There's a gigantic difference between people who want to learn a language and people who are motivated to learn. 

What type of student are you ? Are you the type of student who only wants to learn a language or the one who is motivated to learn ? Well ... To answer to this we need to talk about what motivation is really about. We are biologically lazy. And I say that based on how our brains can avoid work to keep us in the comfort zone. How many times have You put that book aside to play video games ? or talk on facebook with your friends ? How many times have you skipped that exercise in the book just because it was to complicated or too hard for you to do ? or maybe You got unmotivated , Because You thought that you would never learn that grammar rule or Because you make too many mistakes ?. We have to be motivated , motivation is what drives us and moves us to the next level , It is extremelly important that we train our minds not to be lazy and to work hard , day in and day out. Push yourself , Don't only want to learn a but be motivated to learn , Put the games or your cell phone aside and get to work , Because everything pays off at the end.

Nov 29, 2015 3:49 AM
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I love it! This is pretty good motivation.. everything you said is true man! 

November 29, 2015