Thompson Nowhale
About No Impact

Hi,guys!Here I would like to recommend you a good newsreel No Impact Man ,the family, they were so great,especially the husband. He name is colin ,he realized modern living mode is bad for environment so he encourage his family to do all the impact staff,he is so great as every great man on the world I think,so come to watch this newsreel. And I believe you will be amazed by what he has done !
在此是我对这位了不起的Mr. Colin 评价:Mr. Colin ,你是思想与行动的先驱者,是现代的马克思 ,非常感谢您的启发!也非常感谢您对环境保护作出的贡献!生活中从来不缺少思想的巨人,但是思想与行动如此一致的人毕竟少数,您是为数不多的巨人之一,如今我们站在您的肩膀之上!非常感谢您所做的一切!

Nov 29, 2015 12:26 PM