English slang language

Hello everyone. I 've been learning english for so many years (but I still can't speak them fluently) but I havent managed yet to get used to the slang language. I know only some few words. Could you write down some of the slang phrases you use in your daily life (and the translation in the formal english so I can get the point :P)?  

Nov 29, 2015 6:36 PM
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"Hella" - a more mild version of "really"

(ex: That taco last night was hella good)


"Butthurt" - when someone acts too emotional about something. [often used with "hella"] 

(Ex: Why are you so butthurt? >> usually just said as "Why you so butthurt?" = Why are you acting so emotional?) 


"Sick" - when used as an adjective it basically means "cool" 

(ex: that's a sick car = that's a cool car) 


"Mad" - when used as an adjective it means "hella" or "really" (mostly used by younger people >>typically boys<< in east coast U.S) 

(ex: It was mad quiet = It was really quiet) 


"Lightweight" - when used as an adjective it means "a little bit" or "a little" or "a bit" (mostly used by younger guys in the east coast U.S) 

(ex: It's lightweight green = It's a little/a bit green)


"guy" = (you probably know this one already) A pronoun that refers to guys and girls (although originally it was used to refer to just men/boys) 

By the way "guy" is used all the time, in fact I rarely hear someone say something like "Some boy/man walked up to her" it's always "Some guy walked up to her" 


"dude" (Another one you probably know already) - It means guy but more girls get offended by it and say something like "I'm a girl" to which most respond "Fine. Dudette" [dudette is only used in this sort of exchange] 

**often used as an exclamation: 

"Dude!" = Really?/Seriously?/Wow!/I can't believe it! 


I personally use "hella", "butthurt", "guy" and "dude". "Guy" on a daily  basis (literally every day).

Remember that slang varies in English, and how often they are used varies place to place. Especially in America since it's really big. And the third fourth and fifth are usually just used by guys. 

November 29, 2015

"Sup?" -> What's up?

"What's rolling today?" -> What's new today?

"Can you hook me up?" -> Can you buy me that or help me with something?

"I ate dirt on my way to school." -> I fell on my face on my way to school (Or just simply "I ate dirt" means you had a nasty fall.)

"You good?" -> Are you okay?

We have more but I can't think about them right now.

November 29, 2015

I'm going to list some of the most common slang.

Totally - Completly, absolutely.

1. My desk is totally ruined!

2. Do you like him? Totally!

Hey - Hello.

1. Hey, how is the weather?

Hang out/chill - Casual way to say relax, meet me somewhere.

1. Hey, let's hang out at the park.

Hooked - Be obsessed, addicted.

1. I'm hooked on this new book I'm reading.

Awesome - Great, good, amazing

1. You looked awesome!

Epic - Great, amazing, exciting (the word is even stronger than "Awesome.")

1. That movie was epic! I my heart is still beating so fast!

What's up - How are you, what are you doing?

Hey buddy, what's up?

November 29, 2015

Thank you guys :)

November 30, 2015

What's kickin? - how is it going? How are you?

Look at those kicks- look at those shoes

party pooper- someone that doesn't want to have fun

shes a dime- the girl is beautiful. No flaws.


These are a few. 

November 29, 2015