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Decomposed soul

I was walking through the wood continuously till my feet started burning like fire. I made a desperate effort to let my angry and sadness flow. I had the notion that in this way I would let the clear air flow through my body. In reality, nothing could heal my body, which has been suffering for years now. Only when I see you thriving will I feel that I fulfilled my duty. We should always help the less privileged, even when we feel that we share the same characteristics. Providing help and giving a hand to those in need is a matter of the utmost urgency.

You are in need. I am scared to think that this bad dream will be perpetuated, this would be the most unfair thing in the universe. That awful and ugly woman was supposed to be your mother and you was desperate, but you could not identify it because you were too young to come to terms with that. Such gaunt a woman ,the envy and hatred both record in her face, a hatemonger. No, no do not think that she is not feeding properly, no, it is the misery of her soul that take its toll on her body, such was your mother. Deprived, trying to fill in her empty life she was pretending to be the perfect mother, a good actress who eventually made others believe her. But I know, I know the only truth, that I have to do something about that.

-God, what can I do?
Now I feel like him, not having any power to help. Finally, my soul did not inhale air here in the forest, on the contrary it has been decolouring for years now. Nature can not provide her gifts because it is too late for me, but not for him....really not for him. He is asking for help and nobody can listen, that is unfair......I have to put an end to the story once and for all.....No ,not later, later can be proved a damage for a pure soul, a pure heart and mind.

Nov 30, 2015 11:28 AM
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November 30, 2015