Working holiday in UK !

What should I do before going to UK and which place is cheap to live ?

I'm gonna apply for the working holiday visa for UK on Jan 2016! I wanna spend time there to learn suits tailoring! If I'm allowed to get this visa I'll leave Japan like on April 2016 I guess! Im gonna practice button hall by myself until then! I've finished basic sewing course provided by governement! But I'm sure it's not enough to get job and chance to be even prentice there. 


Looking forward to your tips!

Nov 30, 2015 10:03 PM
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You're probably right :  I doubt whether you would find paid employment in this sector.  However, you could take a course of training to develop your skills, although you might find the fee structure discriminatory towards non-European students.

Working holidays are typically in poorly-paid agricultural work.  There are plenty of employment opportunities in the catering and tourism sectors, but again most are poorly paid.

Perhaps you should take the opportunity to explore the country, see the many different regions, cities, countryside, landscapes, etc.  So many tourists miss so much of what the UK has to offer. . and maybe you could fit in a short course in gents' tailoring.

PS. My grandfather, long gone now, was a tailor.

November 30, 2015