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Favorite Language Learning Resources/Methods?

Hello everyone, my name's Jeremy and I love learning foreign languages. I'd like to know your favorite methods of learning new languages! Is it watching movies? Listening to podcasts or songs? Chatting with natives? Let me know, as well as some of your favorite resources for studying! My goal is to create a discussion where people can come to find some awesome resources and methods. Write the method and the language(s) you're learning below! 

PS: If anyone needs help learning English, I'd love to help. 




Dec 1, 2015 5:51 AM
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Textbooks and lessons until you get good enough to where you can read news articles and translate them effectively.


For every 1 hour of teacher instruction you need about 4-5 hours of individual study.


Work through your book and when you get to the end, spend another 1 week doing a fast review with your teacher going through the book again.  Then move to the next book.


It's pretty methodical.  It may not be "entertaining" but if you're learning a language for entertainment, you're going to be much slower than someone learning seriously.


Also, stop trying to learn 4 languages at once.  One at a time until you get good.

December 1, 2015

I agree with Lily Mi, watching movies and reading are learning and having good time in the same time. And the best way is communicating with native speakers and it is great when you have possibility to talk offline. And it is great when you have friends which are learning the same language, because learning turns to fun.
As about learning in the internet, I like educational resources where you can take an interesting online course. And of course TED talks. And for people, who learns english maybe 6 minutes english from BBC will be useful. It takes a little time but you will learn new words and train listening skills.
Sorry for mistakes, it wold be great if smb correct me)

December 1, 2015

For my German, listening songs, watching videos and speak with my friends who are learning german too or native speakers. I hate the way which I study by right now in my Uni, so don't listen to their way and do what I think that will make me love the language.
For my English, I'm watching TED talks or TED-ED for not only learn the language but also to have a lot of information and know a lot of amazing stories and cultures. I'm a freak lover of '' Humans of New York'' page on Facebook I read it daily and also read the comments and how people describe their feeling, love, anger. It's really very interesting simple things that make me happy when I'm learning and never give up.

December 1, 2015

in my opinion, watching movies or Tv series.. :)

December 1, 2015

Hi! I'm learning English and my favourites activities are listening podcasts with transcript, watching series and speaking with natives. I believe that with the first and second one you can improve your writing and listening at the same time, however the most complicated thing is speak due to you need to think very quickly, avoid grammar mistakes and develop your accent.

December 1, 2015
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