Funny Survey

1.Your friend asks you to rock climb.Do you say yes to the invitation? <em>Yes/No</em>

2.You are invited to a dinner with international foods.You don't know any of the foods.Do you try everything? <em>Y/N</em>

3.Your friend is learning how to rock climb and she wants you to join the class also.Do you take the class? <em>Y/N</em>

4.A group from your town is going to another country to build homes for people in need.There is no electricity at the camp and you will have to get your water from the river.Do you go?<em> Y/N</em>

5.You have an opportunity to take a new job,but you don't have the skills.Do you take the job? <em>Y/N</em>

6.You get an opportunity to live with another family in another country.Do you go?<em>Y/N</em>


Count how many times you answered yes.Check your adventurous score below and say that :)

<em>5-6:You are extreme!You love to try new things and are not afraid to fail.</em>

<em>3-4:You are brave.You will try some new things but you are still careful.</em>

<em>0-2:You don't take risks.You like to do safe things.</em>

Dec 2, 2015 7:45 PM
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Yeaah Exactly! o/  ahahah xD

December 2, 2015

Yes,we can learn it but we don't have skills.

Butt we should believe ourseves.We should not lose our hope ^_^ :)

December 2, 2015

I agree with you.I don't work if i don't have skills.

December 2, 2015

Well if you dont have the skills to new job you can learn it... so it dont make you a fool neither unable O_O kkkkk 

December 2, 2015

ahah I said 'no' to numbers 1,5,6 :)

December 2, 2015
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