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Hey reader ! =)

Since I started using ITALKI (about a week ago) I've seen a number of people writing/typing down here their thoughts about anything they want. And I mean ANYthing. Sometimes things that doesn't attract people's attention whatsoever.

Great! ITALKI respects our freedom of speech ! =P
But this entry is not about it.

I've been thinking a lot about what to write. Things likely to make users be like 'hey, that looks good, I'm gonna surely read that...'.
And that's not because I want to become a kind of 'ITALKI celebrity' or the 'famous ITALKI guy'.
I just want people to read what I post. And, of course, to correct me in any aspect I need.

Therefore I write this only to ask anyone who reads this: What is important to get readers attention on ITALKI ? Write about food? Animals ? How I look cute sharing a mango with my dog and my parrot ?



Dec 3, 2015 10:14 PM
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hahaha I like your note :D 

I also have the same issue and I'm here since last year but not in continous
finally now I try to correct for people who interest un my native language and find some whith native English to exchange regurally.

and using writing for myself to use vocabulary without thinking to attract alot :) 

December 3, 2015