Movies in Bollywood

I have to say I like to see indian movies.

But I find those movie seem that all are the best race of india.

I am wondering that the lowest race in india, do they have chance to be stars?

Dec 4, 2015 11:07 AM
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I think you are a little confused.

India has over 780 languages spoken in it. Yes, Seven Hundred and Eighty. So, movies are usually broken up in language groups. Bollywood is the movie industry that uses the Hindi language, which is the language that most Aryans use. So, you see Aryan movie stars in Bollywood. Other regions/language groups have their own movie stars and they are very famous. 
Also, a few of the Bollywood stars have come from very very decent and economically backward roots, they were poor and not very Aryan, and they worked hard to be where they are now.

Well, the thing is nowadays the Bollywood movie industry is full of sons and daughters of previous famous movie stars and directors, so a lot of the movie stars are 'Aryan' since their ancestors in movie industry were Aryans anyway.

Aryans have their own language, hence the movies of their language have Aryan stars. Native Indian languages have their own Native movie stars. Besides, due to heavy intermixing, the new generation doesn't really identify as Aryan or Native anyway.

As for looking down, yes it does still happen but mainly in uneducated and unurbanised part of the country.
Being a movie star is mostly about connections with people in power and money. Whoever has them, can be a star. Or you need to work very very hard to be one. 

December 4, 2015

Sorry Debarun, I dont know how to say the race name.

But I think Aryan seem to be the best, No matter what they thought to entered India.

They made grade.

I heard that they look down the native indian.

So the native indian-the black guys are the lowest grade.

I meant the race in lowest grade.

Can they be a popular movie stars in India?

I know the idea make a great improvement, My brother's professor is all black woman.

But I think moive is different, So I am wondering that is it influnced by the idea that make the

people in lowest grade can not be a movie star?

December 4, 2015

Best race? 

December 4, 2015