German conversation group

I'm looking for some people who are studying german too,to join in a whatsapp group to practise german together, I really need to practise it, is anybody interested? Let me know, write me a message :) Thanks! 

Dec 4, 2015 12:41 PM
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Have you tried my videos:
Just on top you can use them for example while making a walk or something.
Feel free to tell me if you need a special topic! I shall talk about!!

I think it's the best method, cause me myself I learned that way and found it much easier than I've ever learned before.

December 11, 2015

Ich denke dass Skype ist besser

December 4, 2015
Hi, Nicole, schöne Idee! I'm also learning German, May I know the group number?

December 4, 2015
Hallo. Ich lerne Deutsch auch und ich möchte mit euch Deutsch praktizieren. Ist die Gruppe geöffnet?

January 26, 2016

Hi, you're welcome to use my channel together, to improve listening skills and more. You're always welcome to tell me if you need a special topic I should make a video about (As soon as my voice is back... she left me yesterday ;-)...


Here's the link (its the way that I love to learn languages myself, I started it for all my friends who learn German, but you're welcome, too, of course):

December 30, 2015
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