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hi , since im from Indonesia , and id really like to hear about indonesia from foreigner POV , so.. have u ever been to Indonesia? if it yes , what cities were u visited , and if it not have it ever pop in your mind ? ( to go to Indonesia ) , what are the most thing you like about Indonesia . Thank u guys :D

Dec 4, 2015 4:05 PM
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I have been in Indonesia before three years ago, and I've visited three different cities Java, Bali, and Jakarta and each one of them have a certain weather. I was like the simplicity of people and how they're dealing with tourists especially in Java and Puncak exactly. There were a lot of kind people who were smiling all the time. And Java can be distinguished as a rural and lush area. Also it has a rainy and cloudy weather throughout the day I really like that kind of weather and that made me comeback again from Bali to Puncak and spend the last four days before the departure trip. Unlike Bali Island there was thousands of tourists and many various of cultures, religions, and habits. I hope to go to Indonesia again and discover new places there.

January 1, 2016

You and Poland have the same flag ???? just flipped


January 1, 2016

iya sudah ke indonesia tiga kali, ke surabaya, bali dan jogjakarta.

aku suka sekali indonesia karena beberapa alasan, antara lain kebudayaannya yang menarik sekali, orang-orang yang sangat rendah hati dan sopan, makanan khas indonesia (terutama tempe, gado-gado dan pisang goreng), serta pemandangan2 yang begitu indah.keluarga angkat yang kutinggali di surabaya sangat ramah dan dermawan.

pada masa depan aku berharap bisa tinggal di indonesia, memperlancarkan bahasaku dan mengajar bahasa inggris disana. 

kalau illham, sudah pernah ke australia atau belum?

December 24, 2015

As a Dutch person I should probably know a lot of things about Indonesia, but unfortunately I don't... I think there are lots of islands, some volcanos, warm climate, lots of forest, many spices grow there and food is also quite spicy.

December 4, 2015

to Abhraham


wow its good to hear that, i just want to fix some things that wasnt right lol. Actually the city ( or idk ) u called Java is an island.. it name Java island 


indonesia has 5 big island , sumatera , jawa , kalimantan , papua , sulawesi .


indonesia -> java island -> jakarta


so jakarta is inside, or the part of java island :D


if you're about going to indonesia especially jakarta or surabaya, please contact me i can be your tour guide if u want to hahaha

January 1, 2016
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