What about the Growing skeptical?

Nowadays every one suspect others and peoples are simply get more and more introvert , trying to avoid be hurted by rejection to know new people. Do the others make you feeling unsafe and why?

Dec 4, 2015 8:30 PM
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Human relationships are very complicated, we all know that!

I do feel insecure or unsefe sometimes arround new people. But how can we love fully if we're always afraid of being hurt? We're going to get hurt at some point! That shouldn't be a reason to stop having contact with people. Haha.

December 5, 2015


December 4, 2015

Most people don't make me feel unsafe, and I avoid the others :) I think the key is to find an mix between caring about others but not caring what they think of you. It seems paradoxal but it works for me!


I think suspicion is a good thing, there are many lies in the world. But I've had more luck being suspicious about the motives of organizations than about the people I meet. Also it only works if you keep an open mind about the trust; suspicion doesn't do you much good with too much confirmation bias.

December 4, 2015