Sham khan
discussion on importance of english

english is very important language through out the world 

no one declares this fact as false.. in depite of this importance it is necessary that we should learn and speak this language so that we can communicate in the rest of world..

i am a civil engineer but still i say that without english proceeding in my field is difficult because for higher studies you have to visit foreign countries especially europeon countries where english is mother language.... 

             here i am also a learner of english  language and try my best to achieve this goal by communicating you throug messages and text ... 


Dec 5, 2015 4:24 AM
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Yes it's very important not only for ppl who are traveling all over the world , it's also for locals for example in my country its so hard to find a proper/very good job without requiring an english language . Well I am at my last semester and I am writing a research about the importance of teaching English as a second language in arab schools . If you have any feedback about will you inform me plz . 

December 5, 2015