International day of Solidarity

Hi! I'm part of a group on Facebook called Mad World and we are looking for people who wants to be part of the international day of solidarity from every corner of the world. We already have some people ready but we need as many country as possible. We want to create a video all together. in order to do that everyone will read in his own language a positive message and adding all this parts together we will be able to create a good and positive message in all the world and take part to the day! I need you all! Text me to know more about it! I ll be happy to explain you more! :) 

Dec 5, 2015 1:39 PM
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Hi Luca,

sounds like a great project!

Could you give us more explanation about which "International day of solidarity" you are doing it for? (there are so many of them)


December 5, 2015

I m talking about the international day of human solidarity organized by UN in the first days on Mach.. We'll need some people that will take a short, simple video in lots of different countries... I have already some people who would like to participate but the more we are and the better the result will be :P

December 5, 2015