Do you like イクメン ?

The husband actively takes care of the kids and shares household tasks with his wife.


イク is short for taking care of kids.

育児 イクジ means to take care of kids.


メン is short for men.
メンズ means men.


Most Japanese stick to the old way of family organization.

This means that the husband put his work first, while the wife stays home to do the housework.


The husband puts their career first, while the wife stays home all day to do the housework.

It means that the husband puts their work life/career first


If the husband works for a Japanese company, employees tend to do everything their boss says.


He doesn’t have enough time to help his wife out.


However more husbands are starting to share the household tasks/the housework with their wives.

What has made them decide to change their ways/thoughts?


They finally figured out their wife is much/way scarier than their boss.


A wife can order her husband to do anything at all: scratch her back up or rub her feet.

So the guy should just do some of the household chores.


He doesn’t have to do all the cooking, he just has to offer help where he can.



イク   子供の世話することの略

育児   子供の世話をすること

メン   男の略
メンズ  男










Dec 5, 2015 3:51 PM
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This is interesting. I think it's hard to answer this question. Let's say,for example, the husband works full-time while the wife is a house wife. Then it is the husband's responsibility to work and provide for the family. The wife has to do the most of the house work because the husband it too tired when he comes home.

Personally, I think both spouses need to understand each other's position. It isn't easy for her to do all the house work but the wife can't ask the husband to help out every day, even though he has a full-time job. If the husband has a job, in which he doesn't have to spend as time as other workers, then it's okay to make him help out. So actually, I think I'd like イクメン, if he's able to help out, I think I'd be wonderful. But it wouldn't be fair if he's too stressed or tired. 

December 6, 2015