Looking for people for international initiatives!!!

Hi! I'm Luca! I'm creating a group on Facebook with people all over the world. We have 67 different countries at the moment. This group will be a way to have the entire world closer being able to talk with people all over the world plus, organize activities all together. Making new friends it's just a part of the concept of the group. Our next target is looking for people from different countries to participate to the international day of solidarity! We'll take a video to take action in this important day all together! Text me if you need more informations and I ll be happy to explain you more! 

Ciao, Luca!!

Dec 6, 2015 12:17 AM
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Do you live on the second floor?

December 6, 2015

At the moment We are just a group with people all over the world curious to know each other, new cultures, new languages like you all guys! But because we are getting bigger I received some suggestions and I have some Ideas to realize all together. The first thing is that initiative and activities start from you! I m just the one who opened this place, the ideas come from all over the world and can be voted all together and realized... The video it's probably the first one... so many people are happy to show me their cities and meet me to have a tour of their places... I would simple realize for once something beautiful we can all think :D easier or not I like the idea of trying to! I ll write you more details in privateeeeeee (I live at the last floor but the song was so good thank you my friend)

December 7, 2015

I like the idea but what I'd love to understand more is the meaning of "activities", which type of activities or as it's in the title"intiatives" do you think they could take place on the internet between people from different countries all around the world? 

I'd be glad if you may clarify this point more and thanks in advance caro/dear Luca! :) 

December 6, 2015

Hi Luca, sounds great. Could you explain a little bit more to me?

December 6, 2015