What is the most difficult while learning one language?

我认为最难的是如何屏蔽掉母语的干扰,很多人虽然不认为不同文化的语言思维的存在,无论你生活在东亚的汉语文化圈,还是西里尔为基础的俄语文化圈,以及占次大多数的拉丁文化,都存在着语言与习惯结合的点点滴滴。可是如果你去了其他的国家,不同的文化和习俗,也许是截然不同的,那么如何入乡随俗呢,Do in Rome as Rome does, 但是为什么是罗马而不是巴黎,伦敦,马德里呢。


I think there is one phenomenon existing troubling everyone of us if want to manage one foreign language. How to avoid influence from thinking upon first mother language acquisition in mind, which is the most important to improve our learning. Such as we always say " Do in Rome as Rome does", but not in Paris, London or Madrid. 

The second language learning is seemed a little bit different while we were baby to aquire mother language in childhood. Because as just monitor try to make exercise following parents or others to do ,but actually no meaning from what they look at first.  Oppositely, we are grown up on our brain cells,so have separate ability to consider how to organize in logical method before speaking out. 

Dec 6, 2015 12:37 PM