How about your feeling on Chinese foods?

I am not sure how about your feeling on Chinese foods? 

Are these just only dishes dilicious or not into your belly while you are hungry?


The foods we are eating is not only simple bread or cake actually , that means those would bring us benefit in health or turn into bad. Just as the people like eating meat to avoid freezing invasion, plants have their lifes as they are alive to affect our breath circulation ,digestion, and virus-fight etc. as mentioned. 

Learn more about food, and you will learn about Chinese culture.

Dec 6, 2015 2:22 PM
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Possibly it is myth as you felt, but different color plant which could support in very importance upon different victims that they have themselves in separate.


December 6, 2015

I think Chinese food is very tasty! But it's hard to learn how to cook them well when outside China...


About the special health qualities of the food, there is probably some truth in these, but I'm skeptical towards mych of it.


For example, there is the belief that food that looks like an organ is good for that organ. That just seems extremely unlikely to be generally true. I don't see any way how the looks of vegetables and the shape of human organs could have coevolved to make this true.

December 6, 2015