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*Questions: Useful Phrases (Food/Restaurant)

1) Scenario: There is a deli I really like in Chinatown. Everytime I'm there, I buy their 包子. The lady behind the counter will usually give you the cold ones that have been sitting there for a while but she'll give you the hot ones straight out of the steamer, if you ask for them. 
How do you say: "I want a warm one(s)."

2) Scenario: I'm at the same deli and they sell really authentic 北京烤鸭. I'm still getting used to seeing the duck's head and feet so for now, I still ask the gentleman behind the counter to chop off the head and feet.
How do you say: "I don't want the head or the feet."

3) How do you say: (on the phone) "I'm calling to order a carry out (pick-up/takeout)."

4) I often order 糖醋肉 (sweet and sour beef/pork).

How do you say: "I'd like to get the sauce (汁) separately."

5) (after done ordering from the waiter) "and.. that's it."

Dec 7, 2015 4:10 AM
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1、“我要新出锅的包子”(wǒ yào xīn chū guō de bāo zǐ )or ”包子,热的“ (bāo zǐ ,rè de)

2、“不要头和脚”(bú yào tóu hé jiǎo)

3、“我要叫外卖”(wǒ yào jiào wài mài)

4、“糖醋肉的酱汁单独打包”(táng cù ròu de jiàng zhī dān dú dǎ bāo)

5、“就要这些吧”(jiù yào zhè xiē ba)

December 7, 2015