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Norwegians don't like to help, why? this is sad!

Dec 8, 2015 12:03 PM
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O man, thank u so much for your help, I will do this, thanks thanks thanks... =D

December 13, 2015

I get you, what do you think of trying with something like PenPals? I know you're here just to get corrected with things but look the bright sides:

1) A friend (and no, they aren't that cold as they seem)

2) Language partner, you can look up PenPals specifically to exchange languages and they'll be there for the same reason.


Don't know what will your result be but my experience (by the time of trying, like in April of this year) I was between here, other pages specifically to exchange languages and PenPal to give it a try and the best outcome I got was PenPals, like, not that I got thousands of answers, luckly I could communicate with norwegians from both kind of sites but there's a huge difference in how's gonna be after you contact the person. For example, I tried to exchange languages with a norwegian dude and it seemed like if it was a class cause we would just write to practice, very little communication besides that and it was during the exchange but it didn't last long. Then this one girl from here Italki, same here though (might happen to you, might not) she was like cool when practicing Spanish but when it came her turn to talk Norwegian she was like 'nope'. If you guessed well it didn't last 2 videocalls.

Lastly, this PenPal (from we got along really well, Idk why it feels different, maybe cause besides language exchange you want to have like a friend. Anyway, the outcome was like this: first 2 months it was just written exchange, then and ever since we skype once a week to practice, like, yeah we chat like normal friends and ask questions if we got doubts but it's like 'test on sundays'. 


Ok this was too long but my point it's that by now it may seem a pain in the ass try to look for a PenPal but I think it's the best option.


Good luck, mate

December 13, 2015

Two weekend for 1 answer, I need more fast anderstand brother? that make me sad...

December 8, 2015

Maybe you are just too impatient? Remember that Scandinavian people usually don't like rushing. Everything about them is calm like a falling snow. Just relax, man, allt skal bli bra!

December 8, 2015