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Hi! have you any advice about the correct pronunciation? What are the common mistakes that the foreigners commit when speak English?

Dec 8, 2015 12:10 PM
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We commit crimes - like theft  and murder. We don't commit mistakes - we make mistakes. It's not a good thing to make language mistakes, but these don't usually count as crimes!


Foreign learners all make have different problems when it comes to pronunciation, depending on their native language. Some typical problems for Italians are these:


Not pronouncing initial 'h' - 'heat' and 'eat' sound the same.

Pronouncing 'th' as 'd' - 'den' and 'then' sound the same.

Pronouncing 'u' as 'a' - 'cap' and 'cup' sound the same.

Pronouncing 'i' as 'ee' - 'live' and 'leave' sound the same.

Pronouncing 's' as 'z' before consonants at the beginning of words - 'zleep' instead of 'sleep'.

Inserting intrusive vowel sounds between words - 'break-a-time' instead of 'break time'.


If you want to improve your pronunciation, try recording yourself and listening for these common mistakes.




December 8, 2015

Hi! I think it must be better to have a software like a directionary. It can teach you how to pronounce the words, you can practise to correct the prounciation. Common mistakes maybe like the tone of the words when the foreigners speak English. More practise, you will get big progress. Best wishes!

December 8, 2015

There's no simple answer.


However, one problem that many learners have is pronouncing consonant clusters and voiced consonants (g, b, d) at the ends of words. When a learner clips the ends of words short (as they would when speaking their first language, especially when their syllables end in vowels), it's an immediate giveaway. Learners need to practice making certain English sounds without the vowels.

December 8, 2015