My old accent

I kind of want to get my old accent back, the main reasons is it's a pure mess I was born in Scotland and lived there for a while, my dad is Scottish and my mum is English, I still have a hint of my Scottish accent, but I also have my mums she has a geordie accent having been brought up in newscastle so that is quite strong, I lived in the lower north east (just above yorshire) for a while now.


Is there any way to get back my Scottish accent without moving there as I am currently in university, I also hope this might help other people, I am sure when they learn a langauge they might wonder how to get back there old accent when they speaking there native langauge.


:) thank you :D

Dec 8, 2015 5:04 PM
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Thanks XD I want to go back to Scotland though ^_^ yeah the Geordie accent is strong :) I am visiting Scotland for hogmanay :D I will try to talk to lots of people then :) thanks for the advice and you shoud speak how ever you want to :)

December 8, 2015

Simple solution ... not necessarily easy though.


You need to travel to your (literally) father-land. Or find some fresh Geordies!


I had a friend who had gone to college in scottland and had a heavy geordie accent. I used to drum up chatting subjects so I could practice my English with him. As it turns out, Geordie accent is quite catchy! As in, people around me started to object that I need to speak English and not alien, catchy (just a joke, but) I had to say farewell to the benefits of chatting with that friend.


The moral of my story is, you can get you accent back in no time, lassie.

Go there for some vacation, find fresh Geordie friends or watch some of their TV shows.

Good luck

December 8, 2015