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<a href='/article/612/a-simple-guide-to-serbian-verbal-aspects' target='_blank'>A Simple Guide To Serbian Verbal Aspects</a>

Many learners of English struggle with the fact that some actions in English can be expressed in multiple ways. As a non native speaker, it's hard to understand the difference in meaning and usage (if there is any). However, most Serbian verbs have at least two verbal aspects, if not more. Let's take a look at how to break them down.

Dec 9, 2015 12:00 AM
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Thank you so much; Ivana, for this interesting, very well written article.

For those of us, whose mother tongue is not a Slavic language, it is very hard to grasp the concept of the Verbal Aspect. For me it is the most difficult part in my struggle to learn the Serbian language.

Unfortunately, the books for learning Serbian (Croatian / Bosnian) pay much more attention to the cases of the nouns than to the Verbal Aspect. Exercises for this grammatical chapter are more or less non-existent. One has to become quite inventive to be able to practice it.

I wish there was a BIG book full with exercises just for the Verbal Aspect. Probably Deda Mraz will bring it one day (Unfortunately, I do not believe in him any more)


December 9, 2015