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Looking for Spanish movies with Spanish subtitles

Hello friends,


I woulld like to find some Spanish movies that have Spanish subtitles that I can stream on line. YouTube would be best. I prefer movies that were originally made in Spanish, but dubbed movies would be okay, too.


TV shows could also work. 


I have been watching the Aurora telenovela on YouTube (no subtitles) and it's working out well for me. The characters speak clearly and there is a little background noise so I can hear what they are saying well. 


I am also open to purchasing something if it is affordable -- for example if I can get all seasons of a good show on Amazon on DVD for a good price, that would work, too.


Thanks in advance for any reccommendations!



Dec 10, 2015 1:48 AM
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Thank you both Luke and Joanne for those suggestions. I will check them out. For news, I have found that "lifestyle" type pages and stories are relatively easy to understand.

December 15, 2015

RTVE (Spanish TV) has an App where you can get a 4 minutes news with Spanish headlines (not sub titles), also a backlog of their shows which you can watch on line or stream through Chromecast. No sub-titles, but some of their shows are relatively easy to understand.

December 15, 2015

You could probably stream Pan's Labyrinth somewhere or buy it online for super cheap. That's always a good one for beginner's.


It's even listed at number 1 on this IMDB list.





December 15, 2015

Thanks, Marcus. Ebay is a good idea. And you could always ask a question to seller if you are not clear on the subtitle situation. 


Good news is after posting this last night I went back to the Telemundo site, which I had tried in the past, because they have a lot of their shows on line, that stream for free, with closed captioning that you can click on, apparently in English and Spanish. (I didn't try English.) I think I had tried this site in the past but it was either lagging or had something else going on that made me give up on it. Anyway, it worked fine last night and I started watching a show called Celia about the singer Celia Cruz from Cuba. So far it's very good. I'm relying on reading the Spanish CCing to follow the story.

December 11, 2015

As far as online goes, I haven't come across any good sites for streaming Spanish movies or shows. I know Ebay has a ton of affordable Spanish movies. The difficult part is finding the ones that were originally recorded in Spanish. It definitely helps if you have a few favorite actors. It'll make your search for content a little easier. 

December 10, 2015