What will you do after work or on the weekend?

What's your plan during the time after work and on the weekend?

Dec 10, 2015 9:59 AM
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There is a lot of things to do in free times. You can reading some books, see movies, and do some outdoor sport. I think they are so interesting and constructive for us. Enjoy your free times.

December 10, 2015
I like  to read books  and listen to music. I think we should seize the time and enjoy. 
January 31, 2016

In my free times

Sometimes I fly with my pink pony, I travel all galaxy and I drink all Pacific Ocean. jajaja no it is a joke.

I like rest, watch movies, talk with my family, friends, etc, sometimes I do exercise.

December 10, 2015

Unfortunately I work seven days a week. 

December 10, 2015
In my free times, I play the guitar, read books, play video games, make video games, go to the gym and a lot of things more.
December 10, 2015
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