Could anyone tell me a thing?

Hi, goodevening I'd like to know the difference among Have/Get/Make/Let someone do something.

If there's someone that can write Italian. It's better thank you!

Kind regards and thank you so much.

Dec 10, 2015 8:45 PM
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He made me do it = Mi ha costretto a farlo

He let me do it = Mi ha dato il permesso di farlo

He got me to do it/He had me do it (abbastanza raro) = Mi ha chiesto di farlo/Mi ha convinto di farlo


Spero che ti sia d'aiuto

December 10, 2015

There's no simple trick to this; you need to learn these words properly (as collocations, and as grammatical petterns) because they are so flexible.


Perhaps you can look up "causal verbs" - that seems to be what you're asking about.

December 10, 2015

Hi, thank you so much but I was talking about: Have sb do something let sb do something get sb to do something and make sb do something

December 10, 2015

Have = avere

get = ottenere/arrivare/ricevere/acquistare..... (Esso può avere significati multipli)

Ho arrivare in dieci minuti

Ho ottenuto le nuove scarpe

Make = compiere/fare/produrre/effettuare ......(Esso può avere significati multipli)


These words have a lot of different meanings, so you can't translate them one on one that easiy.

dispiace per il mio italiano è male/sorry my italian is bad :)

I hope that helps somewhat, Mi auguro che aiuta (almeno un po ')

December 10, 2015