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Sice I started use the site a few days ago, I have a concern about the site. I know the risk of beig on internet showing personal infomation. But needed to practice and improve my language skills bring me here. As I see, the site, italki is a bridge to conect people with similar interestings. Maybe mostly of the people contact each other out of the site, for example, skype, g+.

Here is my point, Are you had some bad experiences, like fake or weird people? or, people who colect information about you and then just bothers you?

 Ps. Maybe is just a paranoic idea, but I would like know your opinions before doing something.

Dec 11, 2015 5:27 AM
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absolutely, people have bad experiences with other italki members. They also have good experiences too. I met plenty of people and spoke to them on skype. But I have never had a bad experience. However, one of my partners had an encounter with someone who decided to take their clothes off during skype videochat. And a teacher of mine had a student in videochat who wasn't wearing his shirt, and that made her uncomfortable.
No doubt, bad things can happen.
Some men are just here to meet or harass women. (not me, though)

December 11, 2015


I'm assuming you're talking about having a conversation exchange and the possible people you may meet.


There are many discussions on the subject of language exchange on the site and many experiences. If you can, try and read them.


I have met people who wanted money, love, jobs, etc etc and I've met wonderful serious language exchange partners who I've even met in person.


So before you give out your skypeid or other such information, send messages to get more information about the person.  You could ask them the reasons for wanting to learn the language you are offering, how often they want to practice, their level and profession.  Also you're going to have to give similar information.  If you feel comfortable with that person, then exchange skypeids and set a time for the exchange.


If they then appear strange, you can block them.  It maybe wise to have another Skype account for your language exchanges.


No matter what site you go to, you may face problems


So try it.

December 11, 2015

Well, I got confused when some italki users sent me messages asking me about my Skype name without saying anything else, and their profiles didn't show that they were learning any language.

What's the point of adding someone from a language learning website on Skype as a friend but not for exchanging languages?

I'm so confused, and a little bit annoyed.

December 11, 2015

Yes. Those things happen. Unfortunately, there are bad people everywhere. If you want to keep your privacy you can create a Skype account that it's not linked to your soccial network accounts.

December 12, 2015

Oh yes, I've had one bad experience of using social networks just recently. Two days ago, I tried out HelloTalk, an application from PlayStore suggested by some video blogger. It's like italki, a site where people are there to learn and exchange languages. On my first day of using HelloTalk, I got a message from someone saying that he could help me improve my English speaking skills. In return, he wanted me to teach him the Malay language. Well...Even on the start of our conversation I wasn't sure if he could really help me with my English, his texts didn't even look half decent than texts that I usually receive from my English-speaking friends. I just ignored that thought until he started asking me for my WhatsApp number... that's when he raised a lot more suspicion. I told him that HelloTalk was our only means of communication because learning is our main purpose, and that I couldn't give my personal info that easily even to my online friends. Instead of respecting my decision, he was being persistent on asking for my WhatsApp and that turned my first conversation on HelloTalk a very bad experience.

December 11, 2015
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