Smartphone or Ipad is blocking our communication or Not?

It is a really common flu that make us 60% to 70% people fall into actually in the earth at this moment. Since beginning of 21 century, it has become very popular and useful while calling to your family or friends ,or working in connection with clients , or controlling through WI-FI ,or remoting machines at home far away. Beside of electrical fess being multiplied by times around us , we still find it not really compelete "favorite" to direct our commnunications. There would not be more expressions that feel happy or sad in corner of street once not in Face-Video mode. And even worse ,it might be the longest distance that we are seating around same table for dinner ,as all eyes is staring at shinning message on I-Phone or I-Pad.

Regards this disease appears in Austrilia, a few of scientist developed one kind of "Food" , which could block for 30 minutes of WIFI signs delivery instead. 

That is very intesting.

So would you talk about your feeling on this in your country?

Dec 11, 2015 6:51 AM
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Thanks ,dude. Try keep shorter ,good advice.

Yes ,it is true and very useful I think.

December 11, 2015

Wow! It's true:

"The Dolmio Pepper Hacker disables WiFi, TVs, and mobile devices for half an hour while it's seasoning your food."

The name of the product is "Pepper Hacker," not "Pepper Cracker." It's a joke, because "hack" can mean "to chop," but it can also mean "to do something unauthorized with a computer system."

Please forgive me for saying this: your writing is difficult to understand. Until your skill with grammar and word construction improves, you should try using shorter and simpler sentences.

I do not worry too much about what technology is doing to human social behavior. We always notice the most recent thing. Important technology always has social effects. We adapt. Humankind goes on. 

Artificial light--good, strong, cheap artificial light--had a transforming effect on society.

Many people have written about the transformational effect the automobile had in the 1920s on sexual behavior--for the first time it became easy for young couples to escape observation from parents, or in fact anyone who knew them.

People complained in the 1950s that families were gathering around the television set instead of talking to each other.

December 11, 2015

By the way ,the food mentioned is "Pepper Cracker" 

December 11, 2015