what do you do

imagine you are in a situation that if you don't tell the truth you can achieve something but it can hurt someones feeling. in this situation what do you do? i think its a kind od dilemma because you can lie and achieve something that you have been waiting for or be logical and start a contest and after that someone who has more power can be chosen.

really in this situation what do yo do? try to help from your friends in high places to catch the point beforethe contest start or going to be logical................

i am waiting to hear your ideas

Dec 11, 2015 8:26 AM
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It depends on the matter. But something is obvious here; if I were in this situation & I knew that hiding the truth could hurt someone's feeling who is important for me, I'd prefer to tell the truth & don't hurt one's feelings, even if I could not achieve my goal.

December 13, 2015