le y les when exactly should i use them

when should I use the pronouns le and les. Could you explain me, please.

Dec 11, 2015 8:31 AM
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This could be a good place to start:


Think of it has him/ her/ them


Le tiró la pelota a Juan. (He or she threw the ball to Juan.)


You could say "le tiró la pelota" but then the sentence isn't clear. It is like saying: He or she threw the ball to him or her. You don't know the gender/ who it refers to (unless there is prior context). So you need context... "a Juan" is to Juan. 


Let's try that again.


Les tirò la pelota a los maestros.


Les refers to "los maestros". They are plural, so it becomes "les". 


Cómo te fue? (How did it go [for you]).

Cómo les fue? (How did it go [for them]). 


Hope that helps :)

December 11, 2015

Thanks. So, but if i'm talking about things, not about people?

For example,

Me gustan pantalones verdes. Los voy a comprar.

In this case I use los or las (if femenino)?

and when its singular I use lo and la?

December 12, 2015