Your Nation to Hollywood Mind

Hey everyone!

I would offer you to discuss one interesting theme.
What do your nation look like in the Holliwood movies?


I'm typical Russian.
What do I look like?
Holliwood knows!
I love our vodka, and every time being in the bar I sing the Russian national anthem.
Our equipment is a full shit, it's always damaging.
But I'm not daunted by this, cause every Russian has ability to repaire it easily with an impact.
I always wear my 'ushanka' fur-cap, even being in the space station!
By the way, my cap has a big red star on it, because I'm a Russian patriot.
Sibirian bears are walking near us in the streets.


We are all retarded, so able to make the primitive things.
But who was constructing the gorgeous St. Petersburg?
That is never mind, Holliwood says.


Also the Russians are artful and warlike.
I'm always thinking who else should I attack on tomorrow?
27,000,000 Russians were killed in WWII, but who cares?


That's all, thank you for your attention.
And what about your own nation?
Describe it through the Holliwood's view!


Dec 11, 2015 6:32 PM
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We have a restaurant, half of our cousins are wrestlers and the rest smuggle goods or sell fake visas.

There are no blond Greeks.

We have and airport where spies exchange data and many cosmopolitan islands where no respectable family should ever set foot on.

No scientist or artist was born in Greece after 25 AD.

Everybody wears heavy golden chains, drinks ouzo, eats moussaka and can recite Sophocles in the original by heart.


I must admit that it's more our Ministry's of Tourism standard advertising cliches than Hollywood's fault, though.





December 12, 2015

We actually have two personalities in Hollywood: 


1. we are always running around with pig tails and dirndle (or the men lederhosen of course), we are all blond, blue-eyed and tall, we yodle happily away in the mountains, but only when we are not occupied drinking beer and eating sausages. 


2. We are a bunch of ugly guys in uniforms, ready to invade any country at any time. We don't know, how to speak nicely, but shout at the top of our lungs in some military sort of language. We are still blond, blue-eyed and tall, and we never ever smile. Erm...yes, I see a certain relation to historical facts... 

December 22, 2015

Brazil is shown as all open to overseas. The land of all. For each 10 women 9 are Prostitutes, etc. Here is a Sexual Paradise. ( Brazil is not on this way). Indians and Indiana Jones with Tarzan and Jane  comes to Brazil and decided to live here cause thats the land of Amazonia and Jango.  A lot of US people asked me if we use clothes normally or we stay without pieces for all day and going Shopping , on the Streets, etc! See the movie ´´ Tourists´´.( Dollywood C.O). 


My God!!! All ´´Dollywood´´ upside down vision and unrespect!


December 18, 2015

December 12, 2015

You forgot about "valenki", our favorit footwear!

December 12, 2015