What's your opinion in a distance relationship ?

A lot of people are in relationship just with internet and they are happy. I tryed it, it was really something good. We talked in skype for hours.... we were near to see each other, but we broke up for some raison.

What do you think about distance relationship ?

Dec 13, 2015 3:18 PM
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I think that distance relationship is complicated because keep trust is difficult.

December 13, 2015

There is a big difference between a long distance relationship with someone you already know and relationship online with someone you have never met and who lives in another country.
But in both cases, if you are not planning to be together anytime soon, in my opinion, you are just torturing yourselves and it’s better to move on with your lives.

However, there’s nothing wrong with meeting the right person for you on the internet, but if you don’t meet in real life soon, it might turn out the person or your feelings are nothing like you expected. I’m still happy to see people who survived this kind of relationship and are finally together and in love, but most of the time it’s just a substitute of a real relationship. Or sadly, sometimes one of the two is just trying to find an easy way to move to a better country or something like that. It takes a lot of work to get together and it’s not for everyone.

December 13, 2015