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Your favourite Cantonese Youtubers

So for the sake of an immersion environment and a bit of fun I've been trying to find Cantonese Youtubers.


I really like The Cantonese Guy, though he only has a handful of videos out.



Who are your personal favourites? They can be from anywhere; HK, Malaysia, America, etc. Just as long as they speak Cantonese in their videos. Even people on Youku are fine.

Dec 15, 2015 6:59 AM
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BOMBA, Mingjai, FHProductionHK are recommended. Their video are very funny and they speak a bit fast tho. 

February 17, 2016

Hi Tim,

How about this one? A bit crazy though ^^




April 21, 2016
Lucas seems like a funny guy. His Cantonese is so good. lol Tim, Thanks for sharing this here.
March 19, 2016

人間製作 is a production house of documentaries. There are trailers on Youtube. See if you understand how "real" people talk in Hong Kong :-)


February 24, 2016

我可以 CarlosDouh. 搵網上!

ngo5 ho2 ji5 CarlosDouh. wan2 mong5 seong5! 

December 17, 2015