What are your top 3 favorite songs in Chinese? 你最喜歡的三首中文歌是什麼?

Hi everyone,

I just interesting in what's songs you like it? and why?

Write your top three favorite Chinese songs and thanks for your help!



Dec 15, 2015 3:58 PM
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Richard, we call this song 离歌( Departure).

Si le dou yao ai (means love you even I die)

I have many favorite songs, recently I have been listening this two:

Chinese song : 蝴蝶泉边

English song: Almost lover 

December 24, 2015

Hi Sophie


I wish I could write to you in Chinese like Estertele did, but I only know 50 Chinese pinyin words.


I was visiting Lijiang, Yunnan in 2007.

I saw a music video on TV and immediately fell in love with the song, even though I did not understand the lyrics (the words).

And the band was from Taiwan:


"Si le dou yao ai" by Chin (Xin)


And I still love the song....

December 23, 2015




1. 锦绣二重唱的《我的快乐》,因为《命中注定我爱你》这部电视剧我很喜欢。 是曾经看过的第一部中国的电视剧的。 那时候,一个字的中文都没听懂, 可是每一集的结尾有这首歌,所以我往往听。我觉得旋律很优美,歌词总是感动我。

2. 袁娅维的《Love Can Fly》,今年九月,我在上海去了Jazz Festival。那里我看到了她唱了这首歌,她唱得好极了--惊艳

3. 筷子兄弟的《小苹果》, 我还不知道所有的这首歌的歌词,但是我还爱它。我觉得这首歌很可笑。到中国的时候,我一直听这首歌。我只记得主, “你是我的小雅小苹果”,还“火火火火火火”。



December 23, 2015